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The Glumslövs F15 Team Wins Gothia B-Final 8-0
2018-08-01 20:34
Nothing but heartfelt pride in the performance of the Glumslövs FF F02/03 team at Gothia.  After having a very disappointing group stage with some incredibly bad referee decisions (our first match we had a defender receive a straight red card after 2 mins), yet we were still up 2-0 at half time.  As I said to the team at halftime, 2-0 is the worst score line in football and we needed the 3rd goal to kill of Sävedalen.  Unfortunately, we did not get the 3rd goal and simply ran out of steam.  Sävedalen were smart…and had us chasing and scored 4 in the 2nd half.  Playing a man down and then to let in 4 unanswered goals really presented a mental blow which saw us draw a quality Norwegian team then beat the Portuguese girls of Benfica. 

Unfortunately, by one point we were stuck in 3rd place which meant we would not see our goal of winning the we were headed to B.  After an emotionally charged 3rd match that saw the team attack each other and release a lot of frustration (this turned out to be a very positive event), we re-grouped Wednesday night with song and dance through karaoke and were stronger for it.  With re-focus and dedication, the team would go on a run that saw us score 29 goals while allowing 0!  Not only did we not allow any goals, the 6 teams we played had only 4 or 5 shots on target!  Here is the link to the results of the team:

Simply put, the team showed the mental toughness to get up off the floor after missing out on the A finals and making the decision to perform.  That decision would help us bring home our 3rd major trophy of 2018….can’t wait to see what is in store for 2019!!

A very proud coach!!

Team Leaders:
Stefan, Ann-Britt and Mari

Silver för F03 i Kristianstad Arena Cup
2018-01-22 20:59
För andra helgen i rad lyckades GFF F03 kämpa sig till en finalplats i Kristianstad Arena! Efter mycket fint spel och 6 härliga matcher knep vi silvret efter en spännande final.
F03 Skånska mästare i Futsal!
2018-01-14 21:00
Glumslövs FF F03 Skånska mästare
Söndagen 14 januari skrev F03 in sig i den skånska fotbollens historia. Vi vann DM i Futsal F15 i fantastiska Kristianstad Arena!
2015-08-08 10:46
Tredje A-finalen i rad för Glumslövs duktiga F02/03 lag slutade med ännu ett guld
2015-06-30 10:43
Efter en fantastisk helg i ett soligt Skövde kunde GFF F02/03, efter 7 långa matcher och lika många vinster, åka hem till skåne med den extremt stora guldpokalen.
2015-02-22 10:03
På söndagen deltog vi i denna cup för första gången. Kristianstad Arena Cup är en av Sveriges största inomhuscuper, detta året deltog 585 pojk- och flicklag! En fantastisk arena med många kringaktiviteter och härlig stämning.
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