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Luke Owen fortsätter som tränare för damerna!
2018-10-29 10:30
Luke Owen

Hur känns det nu efter säsongen och degraderingen till division 3?

It doesnt feel good, not good at all but its something we all have to deal with. If we look back over the 2 halves of the season, the first half of the season things didnt quite click, new ideas from me as to how we wanted to play which always makes it difficult for the girls. I think also we had too many individual mistakes but I can live with that as long as the girls react in the right way. The second half of the season was a little different, we still had the same ideas to our game but the girls had more of an understanding to those ideas so it was nice to see. So on the football side of things, im pleased. Football games are won, of course, in both boxes and thats where I think we needed to be more ruthless. But we learn from it and try to keep improving for next year

Du fortsätter som tränare även nästa år, vad kan man som spelare förvänta sig av säsongen 2019?

No one likes getting relegated so I think between now and January its about getting some new energy into the team and into the girls. We have some indoor tournaments planned which are always very fun for the girls, we have team activities and hopefully a training camp to Turkey or Spain in March. Also, its an opportunity for the girls improve and gain more experience in playing senior football because we are a young team.

Vi går antagligen in i serien som en av favoriterna att ta hem den, hur känner du och tjejerna för det?

For me, I can not wait for it!!! Being the so called "Favourites" is a different pressure to what we experienced last season and im excited for that pressure. But by people saying that were the favourites doesnt really mean anything unless we go out and show as individuals and as a team why were the favourites but its a nice preasure to have. I havent had a chance to speak to the girls as a group yet, right now were on a break from training so that will be my first thing to do when we start back training. But if i know the girls like i think i know them then they will be buzzing and looking forward it. We are a Division 2 team in Division 3, my standards will not change and i hope its the same for the girls as well. 
And yes, of course im staying! 😁

Vad är målet för nästa säsong?

Of course some players will leave and have left so we need to bring in new players who have a little bit more experience but its also up to the existing players step up and fill the gaps, have the character to take the opportunities. 
But if I can say it in one word.... WIN!! Its no different to any other competition, whether its division 2, division 3 or even football tennis in training I want to win, we want to go back to division 2, so its quite simple really.

Vi ser fram emot en ny säsong tillsammans med dig Luke! 

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